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Asset Building

2006 Personal Savings Drop to 74-Yr. Low
2007, Martin Crutsinger
Jones Report

Annual Review of Lending Practices of Financial Institutions
City of Milwaukee

BEA Regional Economic Accounts (Per Capita Income)
2009, US Department of Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis
US Department of Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Claiming the Future: Evaluation of the EITC/VITA Super Sites
2005, Stephen Percy & Barbara Goldberg
The Greater Milwaukee Foundation

First-half bankruptcy filings rise
2007, Paul Gores
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

FRBSF Economic Letter
Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco

IDA Program Survey on Homeownership and Foreclosure

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)
Center for Social Development

Information Paper #80
2001, David Schug, Legislative Fiscal Bureau
Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA)

Institutions and Savings in Low-Income Households
2005, Jami Curley, Fred Ssewamala and Michael Sherraden
Center for Social Development , CSD Working Paper No. 05-13

Milwaukee Asset Building Coalition: The Feasibility of Developing an IDA Program within the Making Connections Neighborhood
2001, Social Development Commission
Annie E. Casey Foundation

Milwaukee Foreclosure Partnership Initiative Final Recommendations
City of Milwaukee

Personal Savings Rate (Seasonally Annually Adjusted Rate)
US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis

Report of Final Recommendations
Milwaukee Foreclosure Partnership Initiative

Saving in Low-Income Households: Evidence from Interviews with Participants in the American Dream Demonstration
2005, Margaret Sherraden, PhD, et. al.
Center for Social Development

Spendthrift Nation
Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco , FRBSF Economic Letter , 2005-30

State Ratings: Wisconsin

State Ratings: Wisconsin

The Earned Income Tax Credit
2000, Pamela Friedman
Welfare Information Network , Issue Notes , Vol. 4, No. 4

Usage of the Earned Income Tax Credit by Employed Families in Milwaukee County
2000, Lois M. Quinn
Employment and Training Institute, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Vital Signs: Measuring Milwaukee's Metropolitan Health
Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Who Are the Asset Poor?: Levels, Trends, and Composition, 1983–1998
2001, Robert Haveman & Edward N. Wolff
Institute for Research on Poverty , Discussion Paper no. 1227-01

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