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A Regional Freeway System Reconstruction Plan for Southeastern Wisconsin
2003, Southern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Wisconsin Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Amtrak Fact Sheet, Fiscal Year 2006: State of Wisconsin
Amtrak Government Affairs

Comparative Costs of Development, Supporting Analysis
1995, Huddleston, Jack
UW-Madison Dept. Of Urban & Regional Planning

Final Year Crash Statistics
Missouri Department of Transportation

Follow-Up Review of Department of Public Works Paratransit Services
1999, Committee on Finance and Audit, Milwaukee County Department of Audit

Getting There 2040 : Alternatives to Sprawl in Southeastern Wisconsin
1999, Rob Kennedy, Ph.D. With Allison Spitzer and Susan Mudd
Citizens for a Better Environment

Light Rail in Milwaukee: An Analysis of the Potential Impact on Economic Development
1992, Marc V. Levine
The U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration's (EDA) "University Center" program City of Milwaukee, Department of Public Works

Midwest Regional Rail System: A Transportation Network for the 21st Century
2000, Transportation Economics and Management Systems Inc
Amtrak, Federal Railroad Administration, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Illinois Department of Transportation, Indiana Department of Transportation, Iowa Department of Transportation, Michigan Department of Transportation

Milwaukee Metro patterns: Sprawl and Social Separation in Metro Milwaukee, A Report of the Center on Wisconsin Strategy and the Metropolitan Area Research Corporation
2000, David E. Wood, Myron Orfield, Joel Rodgers

Park and ride lots in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Public Opinion and Transportation Priorities in Southeastern Wisconsin
Public Policy Forum

Rebuilding the Marquette Interchange via a public-private partnership
2002, Robert W. Poole Jr, Kevin Soucie with Daryl Fleming, Tom McDaniel
, Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Report , Vol 15 Number 9

Removing Transportation Barriers to Employment: Assessing Driver’s License and Vehicle Ownership Patterns of Low-Income Populations
1998, John Pawasarat and Frank Stetzer

Removing Transportation Barriers to Employment: The Impact of Driver’s License Suspension Policies on Milwaukee County Teens
2000, John Pawasarat

Revitalizing Milwaukee’s Potential: 2003-2007 Report to the Community
2-1-1 @IMPACT

Rideshare in Wisconsin: Citizen Perceptions and Utilizations Potential
1994, Stephen L Percy, Jeffery D. Racine
Wisconsin Department of Transportation , Research and Opinion , Volume 8 Number 1

The Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee Corridor Transit Study Summary Report and Recommended Plan
2003, Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Wisconsin Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration

The Quality Highways: Key Preservation Needs on Wisconsin’s State Highway System- Wisconsin Translinks 21
1994, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Highways

The Socio-Economic Benefit of Transit in Wisconsin
2003, HLB Decision Economics, Inc.
Wisconsin Council on Research on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Transit Mobility, Jobs Access and Low-Income Labor Participation in U.s. Metropolitan Areas
2002, Thomas W Sanchez, Zhong-Ren Peng, Qing Shen
National Science Foundation

Transportation Budget Trends 2006
WI Department of Transportation

Transportation Economic Assistance (TEA)
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Transportation Improvements Grow Wisconsin’s Economy: The Economic Benefits of Transportation Investments
2003, Cambridge Systematics Inc
AAA Wisconsin, AFSCME WI Council 40, American Council of Engineering Companies of WI, CH2M Hill, CN-WI Central Railroad, Construction Business Group, HNTB Corporation

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